It’s All a Bit Morbid, Isn’t It?

I was recently asked a question about my business’s branding while hosting a BBQ for some friends…

One of them asked for a business card to pass on to their boss, and when I handed it over she looked at it, pulled up the website on her phone and a few moments later came out with those words… “It’s all a bit morbid, isn’t it?”

My answer? “Do you even know me?!”

And then we both laughed… because with that framing she saw exactly why her question was, frankly, dumb. Of course I’d go with a light-hearted horror theme. I’m a horror NUT. And while I’m incredibly serious about serving my clients and customers and keeping my wife happy, I’m not especially serious anywhere else in life.

This friend just never expected to see that translated to the business itself. She expected it to be like it was before — stuffy, “professional” and, in all honesty, going against everything a copywriter should try to do for your business.

(Yes, it’s true… most copywriters I’ve met — including myself — are great at helping others nail their messages… but when it comes to our own businesses, we’re just like the rest: too close to make it exceptional without having outside eyes on it.)

But the change wasn’t just a meaningless or self-fulfilling decision.

It was also based in a concept that’s crucial when you’re setting up promotions for individual products, or your business as a whole.

It’s a concept that was introduced by Eugene Schwartz in his timeless (and ridiculously expensive to obtain nowadays) book “Breakthrough Advertising”…

That concept is Market Sophistication.

You see, when a new product or service hits the market, there’s no competition there. It stands out all on its own by virtue of innovation. You can sell it on what it does — its features — alone.

But soon, the market’s going to catch up. Copycats and competitors are going to arrive… and so market sophistication rises.

Now you need to show why your product is better than the rest. Make the bigger, better claims that draw buyers to you instead of the other guy. Give that time to evolve, and soon everyone will be making the same claims…

So now you have to move on as the market does — into showing what’s unique about your product. Sure, it might provide the same result as what your competitor offers… but does theirs do it like this? This is referred to as the “unique mechanism” — a system, a delivery style, a piece of the puzzle that people won’t find anywhere else.

Sophistication continues to rise until the end point: a jaded market. Now your prospects have seen it all, heard it all and are almost immune to most conventional marketing messages.

And this is where branding comes into play. You stand out by looking different, sounding different and acting different. You play in the market by virtue of standing out from the crowd with your presentation and values.

While all of your competitors are dressed in grey suits, you’re in a banana costume chucking free samples in the air. (Not literally, of course… unless your market would respond well to that!)

It’s just being realistic to acknowledge that copywriting and marketing consultation is most certainly a jaded market — it simply doesn’t pay to be just another voice in the noise.

So when you sit down to start crafting your hooks, your leads, your big promises and overall direction for your promotional copy… make sure you take into account where your market’s at right now. You can be sure that the majority of your competitors aren’t — and you’ll breeze right past them.

So now we go back to that initial question about The Copy Crypt: “It’s all a bit morbid, isn’t it?”

Yes. Yes it is — but in a fun way. Some may not think so, but honestly, I couldn’t give a damn. You can’t fake your business when you’re deep at the heart of it. You could for a while, maybe, but putting on that front will tear you apart personally.

People respond to honesty and authenticity, and not everyone will like your style or your message… but that’s okay. In fact, it’s a core part of copy, marketing, sales and even life in general: You can’t please everyone.

And if you try to, you’re a fool.

Wanna know just how morbid things are around here? My copy review service is called COPYTOPSY, and you can read about it right here:

With this, you get a complete, rib-spreading teardown of any copy that you find just isn’t converting well… finishing in a themed “Cause of Death” report that shows you exactly what’s wrong…

and exactly how to fix it — so you can jump-start that moneymaker back to life.

It’s kooky fun, it’s presented differently to anything else out there — but most importantly, it saves you money on “from scratch” copy and puts what you’ve already got into fighting shape. Because ultimately, it’s the standard of service that comes before anything else.

Be yourself and make your customers happy. That’s what matters. If you don’t gel with some, well… pfft.

And if you could do with with an affordable service to help you get some ailing copy back on its feet — no matter what the length or platform — go get yourself booked in for a Copytopsy slab. It’s the last copywriting service you’ll ever need…



Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones is a freelance copywriter and journalist based in Nottingham, UK. With close to a decade of experience writing content and copy within the film industry, and a background in Enterprise IT administration, he specialises in conversion copywriting and case studies for the Tech, Gaming and Software/SaaS industries. He's also a dab hand at generating leads for locally-focused SMEs through Facebook ads, connecting business messages to their target audience, increasing response and driving revenue. Contact him today and boost the impact of your marketing -- he might look angry, but he's a very friendly bloke. Honest!

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