Submit to This Simple Tweak and Boost Your Conversions

There’s an often-overlooked element in any piece of copy that can make or break your conversions.

Whether it’s on an online opt-in, at the end of a long-form sales page or planted near the bottom of a direct mail piece this one simple thing can make a huge difference in the number of prospects you manage to bring through your gates…

That final push that gets them over the line and eager to get their hands on whatever you have to give…

It’s the Call to Action (CTA), and its importance should never be underestimated.

In fact, it deserves far more attention than you’re likely giving it. Here’s why…


Wreck Your Hopes of Conversion with a Call to Action!

Imagine you have a brilliant new sales page, selling… let’s say… financial services for people who are considering purchasing a second property.

You’ve nailed your avatar. You’ve zoned in their frustrations, their worries and their hopes. You’ve made a fantastic emotional and logical link persuading them that now’s the time to start building their property portfolio — and you’re exactly the firm to help them do it.

So they fill in their details on your form — eager to give you everything from name and address to telephone number and income bracket (oh my!)…

And the button at the bottom says “Great! Sell My Details to Your Affiliates!”

Wait… what?!

They’re gonna bounce from that page faster than a rubber ball off the head of an uncoordinated golden retriever.

You know you wouldn’t write something as stupid as that for your CTA, but are you moving to the other end of the scale and putting the effort into conjuring positive, action-based calls to action? If you’ve ever settled for the commonly-used “Submit” label, there’s a very high chance you aren’t.


Submission is NOT a Positive Action… So Don’t Call for it

The problem with using the customary “Submit” CTA is that — just like overtly agreeing to your details being sold on — it isn’t a positive action for the prospect. Not only is it so commonly seen that it’s now a stale, lifeless word (fostering no excitement in the relationship between your business and your customer) but on a deeper psychological level, submission is a denigration.

This becomes a little clearer with different wording… so imagine a button that just says “Submit”. Alright, so it’s boring. It’s standard. It does nothing to get me excited.

Now imagine a button that says “Submit and receive your free report.”

Things now take a slightly more sinister bent on a subconscious level…

Submit to what? To whom? Must I kneel?

What is this, some sort of regime? I have no will to submit to anyone (except my wife… it would be unwise to resist)!

It’s the notion of giving something up rather than receiving that makes “Submit” a negative action instead of a positive one — and that, in turn, does nothing to help your conversion rates.

Thankfully, though, it’s a simple fix.


Not using Submit increases conversions


Forget Taking and Get to Giving

There are other commonly-used CTAs beyond “Submit” that can accidentally promote a negative action. “Buy Now” is an easy one, as it reminds the prospect that they’re handing something over (money) in return for the product. We don’t want to do that… we only want to reinforce the positive side of the action: the receipt of the goods and the benefits they will provide.

So the simple fix for this situation is just to remind the reader of what they’re going to get, using active language to do so. For example:

“Read the Report Now”
“Get Your Free eBook”
“Send Me My Quote”
“Unlock Instant Access”
“Lower My Bills”

Your CTA is also prime real estate for pointing out your value proposition again. Think about what brought this potential customer to the page — what did you promise in your advertising (or earlier in your letter) that got them to this point?

Instead of asking them to submit to you — or give you anything at all, for that matter — just reiterate the primary benefit or Big Idea that got them here in the first place.

The result is a seamlessly positive experience that floats your prospect through the process from start to finish — instead of pushing them away at that vital final step.

So get out there and get digging through your promotions. Are you using the most positive CTAs you possibly can?

Stop taking, get giving… and watch your conversion rates rise.



Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones is a freelance copywriter and journalist based in Nottingham, UK. With close to a decade of experience writing content and copy within the film industry, and a background in Enterprise IT administration, he specialises in conversion copywriting and case studies for the Tech, Gaming and Software/SaaS industries. He's also a dab hand at generating leads for locally-focused SMEs through Facebook ads, connecting business messages to their target audience, increasing response and driving revenue. Contact him today and boost the impact of your marketing -- he might look angry, but he's a very friendly bloke. Honest!

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